You will find our products in medical shops where we sell medical equipment from our own production as well as mass produced orthopaedic and support equipment, without a refund from the National Health Fund. 

mobility equipment, such as: walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, forearm and underarm crutches, tripod and tetrapod walking sticks;

sanitary equipment: bedpans, bedside urinals, bidets, commode chairs, shower stools and chairs, bed pads;

limb supports stabilising and immobilising particular joints, such as the elbow joint, the shoulder joint, the knee, etc., slings, slabs, elastic bands for the wrist or the elbow, back braces for posture correction;

orthopaedic corsets, neck collars and belts: lumbosacral belts, shoulder belts for posture correction, postpartum support belts, Hohmann braces, abdominal binders, hernia trusses (single-sided, double-sided);

rehabilitation equipment: squeeze balls for hand exercises, hand grips, rehabilitation balls, kinesiology tapes, pedal exercisers for upper and lower limbs, orthopaedic pillows and beds, standing frames, seats;

orthopaedic insoles: leather supination insoles for children, insoles for supporting longitudinal and transverse flatfeet for children and for adults, insoles for heel spur relief, insole insert pads, wedge inserts for flat foot supination, foot braces, wedges, hallux cushions, gel cushions for scrapes.

Pressure relief equipment (anti-bedsores): mattresses, pillows, and care products;

Medical devices: blood pressure gauges and inhalers

prophylactic footwear for children (for infants, for preschool-age, for school-age): indoor footwear, shoes for the summer and for the fall/winter

Medical professionals authorised to issue applications for medical products: 

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ul. Chrobrego 14
Tel.: 52 322 76 69, 52 328 62 30
Mob.: 509 137 447, 509 137 443

ZSOiR Toruń
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ZSOiR Włocławek
ul. Kilińskiego 7

Tel./fax.: 54 231 19 47
Tek kom.: 509 137 450 

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